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 Swedish Death Metal Book

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MessageSujet: Swedish Death Metal Book   Dim 4 Fév 2007 - 16:27

Je viens de le commander à l'instant.

Ca me paraît prometteur :

In the mid-80's a small underground movement in Sweden started to emerge from small towns and suburbs. A handful of restless teenagers started to search for the most extreme music available, and a tape trading community began to grow. Eventually the teenagers picked up instruments themselves, and created what in a few years would dominate the world of extreme music - Swedish Death Metal. This is the improbable history of how it all began and evolved into the early 90's.

The book also includes a massive A-Z of Swedish Death Metal bands (about 900 entries) as well as fanzines. All in all the book is 500 pages long, and contains over 500 cool pictures. About 30 central characters of the scene have been interviewed, and some of their anecdotes are as wild as the music ever was. Still, the main focus of this research is the music. After all, the fantastic music is the greatest achievement of the Swedish Death Metal movement.

I hope you will enjoy the ride!


"It was basically Erik, Stipen and I back in 1986. We used to sit in Stipen's room at his parents' place and listen to Sodom, Bathory and Slayer. Soon we realised that we had to play that kind of music ourselves."

(Fredrik Karlén, Merciless)

"We were just a couple of friends who started to play in a band since we had nothing else to do. When we made our first logo we just filled it with everything that we thought was cool; spiders web, ice, fire, a demon, 666, a pentagram and an inverted cross."

(Johan Edlund, Treblinka/Tiamat)

"We were just three kids with skateboards, a few rotten guitars, a small room for rehearsals in my parents' basement, the worthless old drum kit of Nicke Andersson's and a 30 watt amplifier."

(Fred Estby, Dismember/Carnage)

"We started to play together when we were thirteen years old. The only one who knew how to handle an instrument was our drummer Jensa, the rest of us just grabbed one instrument each and banged our brains out. We were just kids that wanted to play Metal, even though we didn't know how to."

(Ola Lindgren, Grave)

"I guess we all got more into extreme music, and personally I was very much into Possessed and Bathory at this time. But it was Tomas who got us into the underground Death Metal scene and tape trading. After that, everything got extremely brutal, and we started to get serious with inverted crosses and corpse-paint. People thought we were insane."

(Kristian "Necrolord" Wåhlin, Grotesque/Liers in Wait/Decollation)

"I remember the meeting before the gig with Exodus and Nuclear Assault in 1989. The guys from Nihilist, Treblinka and Nirvana 2002 hung around the map and drank beer as usual. Then the guys from Gothenburg arrived. Believe me, those guys were crazy. Tompa [Grotesque] was so insanely drunk that he couldn't walk, and I think somebody actually locked him into one of the lockers for a while. Later that night, he was sent lifeless to the hospital emergency to get his stomach pumped. But, basically, that was just a regular night."

(Orvar Säfström, Nirvana 2002)
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MessageSujet: Re: Swedish Death Metal Book   Dim 4 Fév 2007 - 18:02

Ok, tu nous diras ce que tu en penses après lecture...

J'ai pas envie de claquer 55 euros dans un bouquin que je ne lirais pas vraiment...
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medulla oblongata


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MessageSujet: Re: Swedish Death Metal Book   Dim 4 Fév 2007 - 20:26

poste une minichro du livre qd tu as fini

"Qui ne sait que de tous les loups, le loup douceureux est le plus dangereux !"
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MessageSujet: Re: Swedish Death Metal Book   

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Swedish Death Metal Book
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